1971 Corvette Stingray Rare Engine Options

The 1971 Corvette Stingray came with many engine selections that could be added to the $5,496 base coupe price. Total manufacturing figures have been quite slender in 1971, with a full of 7,121 convertibles and 14,680 coupes.

A person of the rarest, and most attractive solutions, is the LS6 454ci, 425hp engine, which extra $1,221 to the foundation price. There ended up only 188 of these unusual Corvettes designed in 1971. I can only envision price must have been the problem, as this was a highly appealing, higher horsepower significant block. The LS6 454 was conservatively rated at 425 horsepower, but I bet with the ideal tuning and some bolt on aftermarket parts 550 horsepower would not be challenging to achieve. Can you imagine how a great deal enjoyable that automobile would have been?

I would enjoy to just take off the T-Tops and hit the streets with this Saturday night time particular! I have normally liked the significant block Corvettes, as they seem to be to symbolize the supreme in American sports activities automobiles. Just say the words and phrases “big block Corvette” to an automotive fanatic, and observe their eyes light-weight up. These vehicles have generally been coveted between collectors and lovers. However, with today’s fuel selling prices, I can see why this car or truck would be significantly less attractive as a day-to-day driver, as it practically certainly boasted higher one digit or very low double digit fuel mileage rankings. In the early component of the 1970s, gasoline was low cost, so that was not an challenge at the time, and there were being few emissions controls, so this vehicle would have been king of the streets.

By the mid-70’s, the gasoline crunch and emissions problems would squash any more progress of these forms of autos. I wonder if this was only obtainable by means of specific get, or if they have been obtainable on the dealership lots? I was not alive in 1971, so I never truly know, and can’t uncover any data to aid either facet. I do know that with only 188 of them designed, this is rather a scarce and appealing solution for any Corvette collector.

I would love to see a single of these in human being, or see pics of the build sheet or facts plate. I ponder how quite a few of the ultra uncommon autos exist right now, and how many persons possess them with no realizing how scarce they are? I would adore to have one particular of these huge block monster Corvettes!

That’s all I have nowadays!