Auto Technology – Audi and Volkswagon, Radar Following and Auto Safety

The place is the new automobile technologies? Where is it? We have it now, shouldn’t we use it to reduce the 42,000 deaths in cars per yr? We seem to be receiving the shaft on all this new technology which could help you save life in cars and seem to be to be a small driving Germany even however significantly of the technological know-how has appear from our possess MIT genius little ones listed here.

This is since the Large A few are making an attempt to shave costs to contend and now we see with the dollar down and the Euro up that now the foreign car or truck makers are also reducing their basic safety attributes on a lot of types for instance: Volkswagen to lower expenses and decrease investment decision. Volkswagen said it would lower expenses and lessen financial commitment soon after revenue more than halved past yr and sales of its hottest Golf V hatchback obtained off to a weak get started.

Meanwhile it’s father or mother corporation Audi is hectic testing some new radar assisted driving and anti-collision products in proving grounds in AZ.

I just lately had the option to have espresso with the head engineer from Audi and he stated the challenge of having the technologies into American autos is that they have been worried about class motion lawsuits and price so they have been not going to set in the most recent ECS devices:


What is most unlucky about this is that 42,000 individuals die a 12 months in auto accidents in this region now. We can take care of that, of study course this new engineering will turn into target of class motion law fits. We will need to right away get rid of all the attorneys, Shakespeare was correct, Caesar mentioned it best, then we can transfer forward to help save lives.

In Germany on numerous of the Audi types they have radar assisted next devices. For every 1 kilometer per hour the car or truck is again half that length so at 60 KPH the automobile is powering the vehicle in entrance of it by 30 meters. Works terrific and several new cars and trucks have assisted white ideal line following also. Also they have a process that if a vehicle is parked in entrance of you in the lane, your automobile lets off the accelerator and somewhat tightens the seatbelts like the Honda SmartCar and then the steering wheel places pressure to go all around the obstacle, as your reflexes then get about.

The new ESC also interfaces with this technique but it needs to be an all-wheel travel car for it to all work. This would help in Winter season Climate basic safety as well. We have also found the weather conditions is switching client shopping for actions for all wheel push vehicles on passenger vehicles as very well as SUVs, so individuals will not be bothered with putting on chains on their automobiles. Thanks to the motivation by automobile customers to have a “go-anywhere, do-anything” able motor vehicle right after the latest SUV development we see that individuals have designed an affinity for this flexibility in all their car choices.

Automakers are also observing this it appears and are completely ready to satisfy the shift in choice by promoting far more autos that transfer engine ability to all 4 corners – usually termed all-wheel generate, not four wheel travel whilst that far too is way up in desire, all-wheel drive also shifts handle all-around the automobile as you drive and is a SmartCar Engineering. By 2006, car potential buyers who want All- wheel generate will have their decision of some 42 types, in accordance to Marketplace Analysts and the site Gurus? This a 2/3 improve from the 2003-2004 model 12 months. We have even heard estimates that by 2008, the range of all- wheel-drive cars on the road will double by present-day count, very well at minimum this is what Ford’s Visteon Corp., unit is saying and of course they hope so considering the fact that they are a provider of all- wheel-travel technologies and other SmartCar electronic systems. For automakers, the growing demand for all-wheel-drive automobiles indicates better revenue and higher costs on autos for this sort of solutions. All-wheel-drive systems now price up to $1,500 as optional gear.

The developing fascination in all-wheel travel is apparent soon after examining out the Detroit Automobile Show prototype autos. All these cars and trucks will have superior managing and greater cornering for individuals 10 PM to midnight canyon burner operates at Mach 2, which if you are a actual automobile lover you totally fully grasp. Automakers with only rear-travel styles cars and trucks may well find this a problem given that the consumer now has a selection of All-wheel drive as effectively as brands who have bee paying out decades convincing individuals that front-wheel push is greater on bad roadways. Now buyers can have it all, these baffled buyers will most likely opt for the each or All scenario. All-wheel generate primarily offers the most effective of both of those worlds.

Just around 50 percent of American girls and 55 p.c of their male counterparts surveyed mentioned they favor All wheel for security and/or functionality, together with the obvious profit of far better traction. Clever Vehicles are generating pals and influencing men and women and the protection reward to all is extremely outstanding. SmartCars and Intelligent transportation.

If we appear at the historical past of wise car type systems we will see that this is normally how it commences. It wasn’t far more than a 10 years or two ago that we sought and anti-locking braking programs, or Stomach muscles. At first, this was the protection profit and only an selection and only readily available on the significant-close cars and trucks. Not long ago we’ve noticed GPS navigation techniques out there as an alternative, now a lot of the luxury cars and trucks, it will come conventional. We’re viewing this pattern also on midrange autos and SUVs. It wasn’t way too very long that airbags came onto the noticed at first a basic safety item and an solution later on became standard on most of midrange and high-conclude automobiles, now airbags are on practically each automobile, at minimum for the driver. About 50% of the models in Europe have the ESC options with all-wheel generate and in the US about 6% do to the require to slice the expenses and continue to sell the vehicles.

In 30 years fatalities in Germany are down about 70% in the US for each mile pushed about 20%, which is superior, but we can still do better. Remember when th big news came out about Firestone? Nicely essentially only 3% of lethal rollovers have been from tire wear, the rest from driving problems and pilot error. Decline of control of about 20% of these incidents could have been prevented by ESC and it will be obligatory on 8-15 passenger vans by 2006.


These figures from the Insurance coverage Institute for Highway Security in Arlington, VA. In a German study Mercedes diminished the decline of handle accidents by 21% by adding ESC to all their models. Apparently adequate you can not get ESC on a Ford Explorer because that selection does not exist right up until you get to the Expedition or Tour SUVs. 4-Runner by Toyota has it available listed here in the US. There is an intriguing post on this in Business Week, April 28 2003 by Christine Tierney which is accurate even extra right now than the working day she put pen to paper.

When we reviewed these difficulties with our Audi Engineer pal he explained that on the A3 as a result of A8 Audi there was an alternative for $3000-4000 for the radar subsequent devices, and in Europe you can get your car your way. As a subject of actuality on an A3 the most fundamental product there are 350 doable combinations for bumper configurations, concerning forms of fog lights, coloration, design, etcetera. Also and however the German authorities has uncovered a way to set infrared photograph cameras which will mail you a ticket in the mail for rushing, as soon as all over again we did excellent the German radar in WWII and they have used their military services technological know-how for civil use to gather fines from speeders with this new infrared devices. We are viewing much more and extra digital camera crimson light-weight unmanned units on our road methods and automatic ticket cameras in the United States now.

The good thing is the radar assisted adhering to auto-pilot does not work under 20 mph so in the metropolis or cease and go on the Belt Way, Boston Tunnel, 405 FWY, I-5 in Seattle or I-10 in Houston it will not operate. Also the fingers free of charge mobile cell phone hooked to the radio is not an possibility but a ought to as the ticket is 80.00 Euros if you have your mobile cellphone on when driving unless of course hooked-up. And for GM and all the great hotshots that think they are heading to have the China automobile market place you could possibly want to think once more the Audi A6 for China marketplace is previously manufactured there. Certainly inevitably at the time they ramp up it is highly very likely they will emerge current market winners, but at this early stage they are guiding the gun. Also notice that in the bigger cities, they are unable to just take anymore cars, the traffic is crazy, far better off to stroll or bicycle about.

In Beijing there is a 100% in one-12 months advancement price for more vehicles. Speak about website traffic you would be much better off to catch a cart, moped or stroll. Despite the fact that the A6 in China is bare bones and almost devoid of suspension to save funds, it is their foothold into the Chinese current market. At this time remaining examined is a Diesel auto is not related to any generate teach. It operates a continuous 1800-2000 RPM and the most successful for the the very least amount of pollution which rates batteries though driving or parked and runs 42 volts electrical technique, which is hooked to each and every wheel with a motor to turn the wheels, also all the power steering, and other elements operates on the electricity. They also have out now an Audi A8, which puts out 330 HP and an R56 which puts out 450 HP. The interesting detail getting back to the electric powered-diesel hybrid is the performance and cleanliness. It is a truly very good method. So Ford is also on the shift lately: FORD LAUNCHES Clever Freeway REVOLUTION:

Inevitably, almost all municipal autos could be outfitted with the new wireless sensor engineering.


All in all you have to be a minimal a lot more amazed with what Audi is genuinely carrying out than what Ford is arranging on I am not certain if this is of worth to you, but I fulfilled the head engineer from Audi operating on the A’ series A4 A6 A8 etcetera. from Germany, I think he was on his way to the Proving Floor in AZ and he was speaking about the radar assisted following units they use in Germany. Had some attention-grabbing factors and carrying out some mystery exams. How these devises would be put in for $3,000 US as an solution once the tort legal guidelines were lessened and they would be hitting the dealerships as shortly as that happened. The automobile follows 50 % the distance of the velocity. 50 miles for every hour 25 toes. Their all wheel travel method would hook up to it and if the motor vehicle was stopped in the lane and no cars and trucks in beside it, it would go to the following lane giving there was no reliable line. Also integrated was the automobile-pilot technological innovation of next the line on the suitable. Much too a lot of lawsuits for end merchandise liability has slowed progress but with partial course action lawsuit reform we may possibly see much more threat taking with these new technologies.

Audi did some get the job done in the United States in the ITS arena during not to lengthy ago at DENSO – i.e. car navigation devices/GPS. Some of the ideas of the programmers of these devices ended up that people today fall short to know that if you preserve a automobile in motion it basically emits significantly less tailpipe emissions. Frequent idling, and end and go are the worst situations for emissions, so the personal savings is also to the wellness of the public and might even cut down wellbeing treatment insurance plan. Now then there are other organizations working on this stuff in the US far too. This is completely great engineering you are performing on. An interactive SmartCar. The concerns is with economies of scale and rate. With the Major 3 chopping fees, we are not having the technology we really should in the states. The issue I see is with Abdominal muscles and All-wheel generate or ESC it is challenging to get total benefit out of all the other technologies.

I spoke with Honda about the seat belt tightening and letting off the accelerator and consider this is of price, I am glad you are working on this. Now, then as the Audi guy was telling me they are screening a automobile, which runs a particular velocity all the time so it does not pollute at the best possible. And then it charges batteries, which operate all wheel generate on a program, which has all the best systems. They are operating this factor 7000 several hours.

The person I achieved from Germany had been cruising the place talking to people. If the minimal and smaller motor runs at 1800 RPMs to 2000 and is quiet like an Onan Generator it could run tranquil on diesel and charge the batteries and run at the 42-volt technique? Electrical power steering, Abs, every single wheel has a motor. If a motor goes out you feather the props on the motor across from it and it becomes two-wheel drive right up until mounted by working with a compact centrical clutch. All runs web-centric. Operates for me and is a lot far better for all the HUD displays, moveable company business WiFi, e-mail, GPS, World wide web Faxing, CD, DVD, motion picture and video clip programs. It is generating a far better and smarter vehicle on a very similar system in appears but the guts are completely re completed. Just setting up smarter, much more productive and greater autos, it can make feeling for the 42,000 who die every single yr in automobile mishaps.

With cease and go website traffic, Diamond car or truck pool lanes, toll booths all messing up traffic flows the troubles of setting are virtually as great as the 15% fewer accidents that are deadly for each calendar year. Mercedes showed 15% with ESC by yourself, think about all this technological know-how we are talking with now. But the rate is the providing issue to US Makers and of study course if individuals continue to keep their automobiles 3.2 many years on average but finance them for 8 decades other concerns ensue. Also prolonged expression rentals will want GPS and Satellite RFID ping locating products Enterprise Hire a Car rolls out lengthy term rentals and we feel this may perhaps in truth be good.

Let’s facial area it cars are receiving smarter and men and women are receiving dumber. I guess Audi is going to do this on their Pasat, A4, A6 and later on the A8. So the Sensible US Big A few need to have to continue to be heads up. And you wager they will as the new systems are sure to heat up the motor vehicle income competitiveness amongst buyers. 40% of buyers are explained to rank car basic safety their selection one or two precedence in deciding upon their upcoming car or truck.