How Bright Does a Bike Light Need To Be?

How do you pick out a bike mild?

1) Brightness.

The brightness of a mild is calculated in Lumens. To give a comparison determine a car or truck gentle makes about 700 lumens. Bicycle lights can fluctuate from say 15 to 1500 lumens or more based on the mild. So how do you choose the appropriate gentle for your bicycle?

On Highway Cycling

If a bicycle is used entirely for on road cycling then the light does not have to have to be as vibrant as a bicycle that is made use of for off street biking. Even so when riding on highway you nonetheless need to be witnessed by all of the visitors that there is about. There can also be sections of a highway which are not lit by road lights. All of these things will need to be borne in thoughts when choosing a bike mild. For on road biking exactly where you could be just commuting from house to function you in all probability really don’t have to have a entrance light-weight to be brighter than 200 lumens. If there are dark stretches together the route then perhaps 400 lumens could be essential. A rear light would need a whole lot fewer lumens as that is additional about building sure that you are noticed by website traffic rather than illuminating your path.

Off Highway Biking

For off highway cycling a much brighter mild would be needed in get to be ready to see what dangers there are forward. It is possible that there will not be any other sort of lights in the spot wherever you are cycling and so the light that you have should deliver all of the light to safely and securely travel off street. Here you want to look at a light-weight with a minimum amount of 600 Lumens but you may be safer heading for 800 to 1000 lumens.

A compromise mild might be one particular of the Lezyne lights which has a impressive “overdrive” facility which gives a quite bright mild for off highway but has regular 200 to 600 for common on highway use. These a gentle could possibly be the Lezyne 600 LX Macro push which can make 15 – 600 Lumens for standard use and 900 Lumens for off highway use.

Other facets to look at in shopping for a bicycle light

2) Aspect on Visibility.

A further variable when travelling on streets is aspect on visibility. It is all very well and good being quite obvious at the entrance and back but at junctions you want to be observed by visitors from the side.

A lot of bike lights have a “leakage” element crafted in so that the light emits some light to the side of the light. It is even achievable to invest in lights that are specifically designed to glow to the side of the bicycle.

Alternatively you could count on superior shiny reflective strips or lights that connect to the spokes of the bicycle to give superior side on visibility.

3) Connecting to your bike.

Another aspect to be regarded is how effortless or tricky it is to join the light to a bike. Some lights have rigid fixings and some have incredibly flexible types. All of them will have to stand some vibration from the streets or tracks where the bike is travelling. This is specifically accurate of off street riding. How effortless or usually would it be to hook up the light in the darkish and in the cold, when you could be carrying gloves?

4) Battery Cost time.

Dependent on the gentle that you get you will also will need to think about how long it will take to cost up. If you are making use of a bike for a regular commute then it may possibly be effortless to cost the bike light even though at do the job. Some lights can be billed in a couple of several hours, but some take as extended as 5 hours to charge.

5) Discharge time.

A bike light is only as superior as the time that it is switched on so an additional issue to think about is how prolonged the battery is likely to last. It demands to last as extended as the journey that you are executing, or you will need to carry a spare light-weight or battery dependent on your light.

6) How solid / sturdy is the gentle built?

A bike gentle needs to be powerful and robust. Even if it is just for commuting it is quite probable for the bicycle to slip around in chilly slippery temperature and for the gentle to for that reason effects on the floor. It is also achievable that it may get dropped when placing a light-weight on or getting it off a bicycle.

7) Waterproof or watertight design.

A bicycle light-weight is likely to get wet regardless of whether it is used for commuting or for driving off road. Thus you require to take into consideration how water resistant a light-weight is.


Eventually the decision of light-weight is established by the use that you will need to place it to, but it is very good to get a mild, or two, which satisfies the individual use that you have to have it for.