KX-RM 65 Suspension Tuning and Modifications

In this report I will briefly familiarize you with the first machines (o.e.) Kawasaki/Suzuki 65cc suspension style, tuning recommendations, and modifications. As a suspension tuner and motocross hobbyist I have observed a lot of discussion in excess of o.e. KX/RM65 suspension. There are numerous information boards stuffed with ambiguous suspension modifications and requirements for this motorbike.

The front forks on the KX/RM65 are outdated by various many years but can be modified for particular riding circumstances. Damper rod forks as discovered on KX/RM65s are out-of-date since they generate an extremely progressive dampening curve (they are also comfortable in the beginning and as well harsh through rapidly fork motion). The rebound adjuster on the front forks can be employed to alter for some cases of head shake and cornering difficulties. Head shake may possibly occur it can because of to as well a lot or to small rebound dampening. This could be preset by turning the adjuster in increments of two clicks and exam. The rebound adjustment can also assist with cornering issues. If the bike washes out in corners, change the rebound adjuster clockwise in increments of two clicks. If the bicycle does not stand again up from corners fast more than enough, convert the rebound adjuster out in increments of two clicks. The front of the bike can also be lowered by going the forks up in the triple clamps. This may possibly assist in cornering but can cause head shake.

The KX/RM65 versions are outfitted with a rebuildable rear shock that is mounted to a fashionable linkage system. This procedure boosts the shocks work load as the rear suspension compresses even more to bottoming. A starting off level to altering the rear shock is to set race sag at 70-75mm but to not exceed static sag by 25mm. If conference the two problems is not possible, a distinct level shock spring may possibly be essential. The rebound adjuster can support rear conclude balance and traction. If the rear of the bicycle swaps to the sides or kicks up it may well be because of to much too a lot or lack of rebound dampening. To clear up this switch the rebound adjuster in increments of 1 change and examination. Rear traction is often instances lost when there is as well a lot rebound dampening and this may perhaps be solved by turning the rebound adjuster counter clockwise a single turn.

The o.e. KX/RM65 suspension general performance does not suffice most competitive motocross riders. There are two effective popular tuning products and services out there for the KX/RM65 forks. An emulator valve can be installed which gives a fewer progressive and a lot more predictable come to feel to the front close of the bike. This mod is marketed as a “bolt on package” but is not productive if put in in that style. Further damper rod modifications are needed to tune rebound dampening properly. A cartridge technique is also accessible for the forks that can be set up soon after machining of the lessen fork legs. This cartridge technique can be tuned by replacing shims and by means of rebound and compression adjustments. The o.e. KX/RM65 rear shock has a lot of possible and can be tuned by a revalve company. The KX/RM65 suspension may possibly be mediocre to begin with, but with good suspension tuning services it can develop into a really aggressive 65cc filth bicycle.