Limited Mobility and Luxury Limousine Hire

If you have minimal mobility, including possibly getting confined to a wheel chair, do you sense that selected varieties of car use are shut off to you?

What are your possibilities?


The expression ‘limited mobility’ isn’t often understood the exact same way by auto rental businesses.

Some individuals might use it to simply indicate that they are unable, by explanations of age or other healthcare problem, to wander far more than a brief distance. Others use it to indicate situations wherever the unique is bed-ridden or confined to a wheelchair in phrases of relocating from ‘A’ to ‘B’.

Definitely, your transport demands could change vastly dependent on your personal specific circumstance on what is a extensive spectrum of opportunities. Even so, assuming that your transportation needs are not essentially hugely specialised, this sort of as an ambulance supplying in-transport professional medical care, you may be stunned to know that luxurious limousine seek the services of may be a serious alternative.

Specialist automobiles

Some luxury automobiles have been specifically adapted with ramps to permit wheelchair access and clamping as soon as in put. So, that may be an ideal option if you are completely confined to a wheelchair as soon as out and about.

Some luxurious limousine seek the services of companies might be in a position to supply aid in supporting you from a wheelchair into their motor vehicle. The wheelchair by itself can then be folded and transported in the boot.

Of system, some autos may possibly have inadequate area to carry a massive chair in the boot and even people that can, might call for that your chair is of the lightweight ‘pushed’ variety and not the typically significantly greater motorised style with large batteries.

The bottom line is easy – get in touch with a local company of luxurious limousine hire companies and talk about your special posture with them. Most will be exceptionally keen to aid where by they probably can simply because there is no reason why most types of mobility restriction need to quickly exclude you from utilizing luxurious vehicles for special situations.

Factors to notice

There may perhaps be some factors really worth trying to keep in intellect nevertheless, as they may well impact your alternative of motor vehicle or the ability of the limo employ the service of corporation to provide a person.

Some cars may not be ideal, from a safety viewpoint, for people today with drastically restricted mobility. An case in point could be two-door coup├ęs the place access to the rear of the auto is potentially difficult and most likely impractical. As touched on previously mentioned, this sort of automobiles could also not be capable to accommodate larger sized wheelchairs in their boot.

In other situation, insurance policy may well specify unique demands for specified cars and that may well exclude their use for passengers with minimal mobility. That is again primarily a security challenge and relates to the speed and practicality of an evacuation of the car really should there be an accident.

On the other hand, these may commonly be a somewhat tiny proportion of the accessible luxurious limos for employ – so it can be well worthy of earning that preliminary truth-acquiring contact.


If you have some kind of confined mobility, you should not just give up in terms of contemplating about luxurious limo use. There will be choices out there and persons willing to do no matter what it usually takes to assistance.