Regulations and Manuals For the World War Two Jeep

United States Army Rules and manuals can be quite valuable to the jeep restorer and historian.  It is greatest to start with Army Restrictions like AR 1-5, Index to Army Laws AR 850-5 Marking of Garments, Devices, Autos and Residence AR 850-10 Registration of Motor Motor vehicles and AR 850-15 Motor Motor vehicles (“the bible of motor vehicles”) amid other people.

Discipline Manuals like FM 21-6, Listing of Publications for Instruction FM 21-7 List of Training Movies, Movie Strips and Film Bulletins FM 25-10 Primary Subject Manual: Motor Transportation Technical Manuals] TM 9-2800 Typical Armed service Motor Automobiles (ah, a book to drool above) TM 9-2810 Motor Automobile Inspections and Preventive Maintenance Companies TM 21-300 Driver Choice and Education and just one of my favorites… TM 31-200 Maintenance and Treatment of Pneumatic Tires and Rubber Treads TM 38-250 Standard Maintenance Manual then there are the automobile Technological Manuals or TMs.

And there had been War Office Circulars

  • Training Circulars (“like TC 117 on the marking of bridges and vehicles”)
  • Specialized Bulletins – this would protect variations to your auto
  • TMs and would be included with the subsequent TM transform
  • Tables of Organization and Gear – just how several jeeps and equipment guns are intended to be in an Infantry Division?

There are Ordnance Industry Assistance Publications

  • Standard Nomenclature Lists – provides components identification and allowances
  • SNL “H” parts in frequent
  • SNL “K” contains cleansing, preserving, welding and lubricating elements
  • SNL N-19 motor-transportation instrument sets!
  • SNL G-19 Interchangeability Chart of Organizational Exclusive Instruments for Beat Cars

Really don’t forget about… Field Provider Modification Do the job Orders (so you install individuals beloved mods they arrived up with like Winterization kits.) FSMWOs were being changed with MWOs.

Ordnance Subject Provider Bulletins

  • OFSB 1-1 Index to Ordnance Publications
  • OFSB 2-16 Storage and cargo of rubber tires, tubes and camelback
  • OFSB 2-18 Requisition and concern of Spare Pieces, Products and Supplies
  • OFSB 2-25 Winterization machines for automotive materials
  • OFSB 4-21 Gun mounts for general intent autos

This is just not all the things mentioned in the Environment War Two write-up but would be a good get started for any collector.  There are several jeep precise publications and most of these feel to be missing from the standard jeep collectors library. Potentially anyone is location on these and considering of publishing them “sometime”.  Maybe they will occur ahead. And as mentioned ahead of there are first articles from provider publications, private and community that make appealing reading through and assortment.  Several are nonetheless available. Happy hunting.