Tune and Modify Nitro RC Racing Engines

Even if you’ve acquired no experience tuning RC Nitro Engines you can study how to develop an amazing RC Engine. Applying an amazing extensive tuning computer software, you will promptly discover how to tune, modify & establish engines that will “Dominate the Competitiveness” in any segment of nitro RC Racing.

Heritage of the Engine Examination Software program Advancement:

Throughout the late 1980’s, a team of rc boat modelers, who ended up also engineers, commenced chatting about the possibility of generating a instrument to precisely evaluate and document RC Engines. Was it probable to get rid of the inaccurate diploma wheel?

Could they change measurements into helpful info, then utilize the results to their engines?

They identified that there were being many intricate formulas involved in fixing these challenges. Just after quite a few years of advancement and refinement of the very first Engine Analysis Computer software, the team formulated the Engine Assessment Program. They made use of it continually and observed it indispensable. General performance of the engines of this group amplified to the point, that they had been dominating Countrywide Product Competitions.

The team determined that this Software program was much too important to the RC Modeling Local community to keep to by themselves. A few copies of the software were delivered to some of the top rated rc motor builders and tuners across the nation. THEY Liked IT and employed it each individual working day in their motor creating organizations.

The software program improvement group decided to offer it for sale to competition on a really confined basis. Men and women from across the Globe acquired wind of the availability and the force was on to make it offered to everybody. Engine Makers commenced applying it in their R & D Labs. Engine Tuners started out working with it in their daily motor modification firms. “Super Really serious RC Opponents” started off working with it to create and tune their personalized engines.

The software is now applied by Significant RC Opponents in Boats, Planes, Cars, and all other types of Nitro RC Racing and Competitiveness.

The Motor Analysis Program will permit you to tune and refine Nitro Engines swiftly and correctly. The Motor Examination Software package will permit you to Fully grasp RC Nitro Engines. Have an great engine – copy it effortlessly. You will be equipped to produce engines that will “Tremendous Execute”. Get a No cost Database of dyno and race demonstrated Super ENGINES.

Do you race a Nitro On Road Automobile, Dune Buggy, RC Truck, RC Nitro Boat, Significant General performance Airplane or Helicopter?

Get the Software the Pro’s Use…

Opponents who are Actually quick, in all sorts of RC Racing, are the ones who understand HOW to establish and tune a prime accomplishing engine.

o Have you seen: “The Engine Guru’s discuss in a language that the regular RC Competitor doesn’t comprehend”
o How can these men and women be obtaining such Remarkable performance?
o Can I generate an engine which will perform as well as theirs?
o Response: Absolutely !!!

Even if you never individual a large amount of innovative resources and equipment, you can effortlessly create great engines for your use. The Motor Analysis Software package makes the system, attainable and simple !

Tuning an engine working with superior match, excellent time/region interactions and correct compression ratios is not tricky now!

Understanding the treatments to build a major carrying out engine are Effortless, making use of The Motor Investigation Software package.

What are the probabilities of the average modeler “stumbling onto” the secrets and techniques of developing a top carrying out engine, without The Motor Assessment Application?

NO Opportunity AT ALL !

The Motor Examination Program consists of several helpful sections which include:

– Calculation of Compression Ratios in Two Techniques
– Conversion of Basic Measurements into Degrees of Length
– Head Production Module
– Carb Sizing Module
– Time/Spot Research Part
– Maximum Rod Angle Output
– Blow Down Degree Output
– Squish Velocity Calculations
– Open & Closing Points for Rotor or Crank Induction
– Tuned Pipe Builder
– And Considerably Additional

All outputs are quickly created, just after inputting, a few unique engine measurements.

You will instantly explore that modest variations designed applying the Engine Investigation Software program will generate Massive performance boosts.

Quite a few years of growth have absent into this Software program and I have determined that in purchase to make it readily available to the most quantity of hobbyists, I want to location a extremely reasonable cost on the software program. I determined to give this software at a cost that any really serious competitor can manage. I know that this is a extremely particular offer which will remodel your interest. If you might be even now not 100% confident that this software package is vital for you, please speak to me right for certain questions. I am positive that you will search again and say that this was the finest financial commitment that you At any time Produced in your rc interest.

Prior to the EAP was created it was diploma wheels, calipers and a large amount of guessing and no two folks who arrived to my store could get the similar quantities out of the exact same motor. Even I could not do this. Once we had that info it was only a guess as to what you had been heading to do or experienced done to the engine. Compression ratio’s ended up non existent. Make a head button and you were still clue-a lot less as to what you had. When they acquired this application up and working we could load engines till we had been blue in the confront and then make any improvements we preferred in the laptop and then look at compression ratio’s and so forth improve and then equipment he pieces and reload the facts right until we experienced what we considered we needed. Now we could go racing and know what we had and then repeat that motor create one particular somewhat unique and see the benefits straight away. I have loaded practically 1000’s of engines in this software and when an motor comes in to my shop I can pull up the info on all of all those that I have done and establish a like engine in no time duplicating the data from a superior 1. You can’t establish an motor without having this is all I can say. You have no reputable repeatable information

Stay away from staying an “Average RC Racer”. Go your amount of level of competition up to the prime tier and enjoy your pastime even far more.

If you acquire this very first move to moving to the entrance of the pack, you will take pleasure in your RC Hobby to the level that you deserve.