Uniden Race Scanner: A Review of the Uniden SC230 Scanner

I have usually made use of a Uniden race scanner for staying up to date with NASCAR events, and I have never been unhappy with one. Which is why when my old unit died, I resolved to get the Uniden SC230 Scanner featuring Pre-Programmed NASCAR/Busch Frequencies. This is a new device for me, but I quickly loved it. So I wrote this evaluate to notify other individuals about the advantages of using this item.


The unit is a awesome useful scanner with the dimensions of 2.9” x 1.4” x 4.6” and a weight of .49 kilos. It truly is pretty lightweight, transportable, and effortless to use. The overall look in general is alright, I even like the orange face of the scanner. It adds aesthetic value to the unit. Apart from that, the controls are very intuitive and you will not likely have a difficult time navigating by it.

You have the alternative to operate this machine by means of rechargeable or alkaline AA batteries or through AC/DC ability source. It is really definitely a great Uniden race scanner and it even has the NASCAR emblem on its front panel which helps make me like it much more. It even has a belt clip and a wrist strap so anywhere you want to keep it, it’s normally protected.

Scanning and Audio Output

This Uniden race scanner has a entire ton of capabilities, and a large amount far more channels. It has 1600 standard channels and a maximum of 2500 – how could you at any time get bored with this factor? There are 10 solutions queries that make exploring for your frequencies easier, regardless of whether you happen to be looking for the frequencies for community safety, news, beginner radio, marine, railroad, air, CB radio, FRS/GMRS, racing, and other queries. You can discover the precise frequency that you want to listen to and research as a result of specific types quicker and much more competently. You can even established precedence channels which you can lookup very easily if you require to know if you can find action on all those specified frequencies.

As for race car or truck fanatics like me, you can find the preprogrammed race frequencies which all you have to do is research by way of. There are frequencies specially preprogrammed for NASCAR Nextel, Busch, Craftsman, Indy, ARCA, and Champ series races. You will find also the quick race programming perform that lets you very easily enter certain race information and facts. The quick automobile pick perform lets you listen to a specific car completely by just pressing a single button. The scanner also has brief keys functions, substantially like pace dials which allow you instantly set the frequency to a precise auto, race, or program with a single contact of a button.

The audio output of this product is 320 mW via the speakers, and you can also use headphones which create an audio output of 30 mW as a result of 32-ohm headphones, or 6 mW on 64-ohm headphones. You will certainly come across this scanner fantastic in generating seem so you are going to have the best time whilst you’re tuned in to your favourite race channels. Other Features

The backlight of the display has a unique attribute when it can be nighttime, and it is really identified as Backlight-On-Squelch, which is a trademark of Uniden. The gentle only illuminates when there is exercise in the frequency that you happen to be tuned in to so that you will be alerted and it can also help you save power. The attenuator eliminates the interference of other signal sources in your spot. You can even set the hold off of your scanner from -5 seconds so you can shorten or lengthen the ready time of reaction right before the machine carries on scanning via other channels. You can also lock-out frequencies which you do not want to scan or lookup by, and you can lock-out up to 200 channels, conserving you time throughout scans and lookups. There is certainly a channel alert purpose which you can use to be usually alerted anytime there is exercise on the frequency that you specify. The distinct channels, race channels, teams, and other frequencies can even be named applying the text tagging functionality, which allows you enter names for important frequencies up to 16 figures. Critical lock, low battery notify, and other customized Uniden features are also extra in this product.


If you happen to be a race car fanatic and you want a Uniden race scanner, you will find no superior product for you to get than the Uniden SC230 Scanner showcasing Pre-Programmed NASCAR/Busch Frequencies. It can be truly good and you just have to really like it. I even enjoy it additional than the older design that I had, and that was a Uniden, too. So if you’re searching for a superior suggestion for the greatest race scanner, this is the model that I would undoubtedly advise to you.