Volkswagen Repair – The Truth About VW’s ‘Lifetime’ Automatic Transmission Fluid

If there is certainly one detail International Sport Motors of San Francisco has encountered around the decades, it really is issues with Volkswagen’s computerized transmissions. The motive Volkswagen’s ‘lifetime’ automated transmission fluid procedure sounds too good to be legitimate is due to the fact it is. While the fashionable synthetic fluid safeguards greater and lasts lengthier than competing oils, it will not past endlessly. In simple fact, legally, the time period ‘lifetime fluid’ refers only to the duration of the VW Powertrain Guarantee. So when the guarantee expires, you’re out of luck.

Volkswagen, together with a lot of other auto-makers, is aware of that most proprietors do not retain their cars previous 100,000 miles. The so-called ‘lifetime’ fluid is only a advertising twist made use of to help promote cars that require ‘minimal maintenance.’ But following the 100,000 mile mark (when automobiles need actual notice) most Volkswagen repair service assures are null and void. Which is why VW schedules a 105,000 mile timing belt adjust on 1.8T engines, and why most ‘lifetime’ assures are bogus.

If you intend to maintain your auto for a whilst, the charge of never-changed ATF will terrify you. Remaining untouched for an entire ‘lifetime’ this fluid can result in significant harm to your filter and oil pans. Deposits of metallic shavings will create up on your filter and oil pan, and in the end destruction the transmission. The resultant repairs will be expensive. So do your self a favor. If you prepare to hold your motor vehicle all-around to see 150,000 or 200,000 miles, adjust your ATF yourself on a standard foundation.

Though this task can be sophisticated, it can be nicely truly worth the effort. Stop by your neighborhood VW-Audi auto parts retailer (GermanAutoParts and ECStuning, amid some others) and acquire a VW-unique oil and filter package. For each the 01M automated transmission and the MK4, get the filter package and ATF Pentosin G-052-162-A2. Do the identical with manual transmission oil, and your motor vehicle will hold running very well into outdated age.

By the way, will not hassle asking Volkswagen Provider writers about these ‘lifetime’ loopholes. They are going to insist that merchandise like the ATF are ‘sealed with lifetime’ but that is only by corporate mandate. If you actually want to maintain your Volkswagen functioning efficiently, comply with the tips earlier mentioned. Or, if you want to get the longest life and most effective efficiency out of your Volkswagen, do it on your own, or contact a Volkswagen fix store that is willing to accomplish these forms of preventative routine maintenance expert services for you. It is much more charge effective than changing your complete transmission.